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Charles Busch (with dagger) and Robert Carey

Charles Busch is poised to strike the nubile Robert Carey in the 1984 Limbo Lounge production of Theodora, She-Bitch of Byzantium.

“…a drag to riches story.”
Village Voice 


“High-camp delights...
Mr. Busch…is every bit as alluring out of drag as in.”
—Laura Kern, The New York Times
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“Featuring a treasure trove of rare archival footage from such legendary productions as ‘Vampire Lesbians of Sodom’…a real treat.”
—Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“Some say all the great movie stars are gone, but I say we’ve still got Charles Busch...
It thrills…with priceless footage of mid-’80s stage performances and rare offstage glimpses of the gentle and self-effacing Busch, who onstage bursts into glorious flame as a draggin’ lady for the ages.” —Joe Brown, San Francisco Chronicle
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“An affectionate tribute...
Busch is a gifted comedian…a master of pathos underlying the outrageousness of heroines inspired by Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck.”
—Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“If Jungle Red nail polish makes you tingle all over, this is the movie for you"
“Busch lovingly and meticulously channels such grand dames as Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck and Norma Shearer in a way that surpasses imitation, camp and drag show. He captures their essence, and therefore the essence of cinema itself.”
—Jamie Bernard, New York Daily News (3/4 stars)

“Viva!…does a solid job of documenting the life and art of the drag grand dame”
—Lou Lumanick, New York Post (3/4 stars)

“Busch’s performances teeter deliciously and often movingly, between stylized burlesque and breathtaking sincerity.”
—Liz Smith, March 14, 2006

“Busch’s own personality, and the way the directors use the director/playwright’s own dialogue and delivery to illustrate aspects of his life, give this documentary a resonance and playfulness missing in all too many bio pics.”
—John Anderson, Newsday (3/4 stars)


Critics Pick! (5/5 stars)
“utterly engaging…There are laughs, tears and cultural insight, and a fast pace that keeps viewers engrossed and entertained.”
—Will O’Bryan, Metro Weekly

“intimate, deliciously insightful”
—Christopher Wallenberg, New York Blade

Charles Busch is “…hilarious and witty.”
—Gerard Robinson, Gay City News

Charles Busch “is a force of nature.”
Melissa Anderson, Time Out New York

A “cleverly constructed movie…”
 —Time Out New York

“…an affectionate, energetic documentary…Busch is a New York institution, and The Lady in Question is a worthy and entertaining tribute.”
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“…a loving dissection of Busch’s life as a hardworking drag theater aesthete with a hard-on for Joan Crawford.”
 —Michael Musto


Busch on seeing The Lady in Question is Charles Busch