Produced & Directed by John Catania
Charles Ignacio
Executive Producer Daryl Roth
Edited by John Catania
Co-Editors Jon Baskin
Charles Ignacio
Creative & Technical Consultant Alton Christensen
Editorial Consultant Brian Kates
Camera Dane Lawing
Tim Newman
Peter Scheer
Sound Design John Wiggins
Logo and Graphic Design B.T. Whitehill
Website Design and Production Bill Barrett
Associate Producer Richard Davis
Additional Camera Steve Harris
Niels Melo
Desireena Almoradie
Charles Ignacio
Color Correction Jillian Buckley
Costume Design* Michael Bottari
Ronald Case
Make-up Louis E. Braun
Production Services PrimaLux Studios
Post-Production Services Edgeworx Inc.

*Charles Busch’s costumes for Shanghai Moon, Die
Mommie Die!
, and Her Royal Escape to Love